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Education is not just knowledge gain alone but also develops in us a perspective of looking at life. Lessons in textbooks, lessons from around the world and lessons of life make transformation in an individual. If someone has a chance to get educated from abroad, that is more than incredible. Learning a new language or experiencing a new culture, becoming independent but more responsible, making new friends and travelling new worlds and exploring global career opportunities and multi level professionalism are all part and parcel of overseas education. It is this smart note, we help individuals to find new career inventions and find horizons in their life.

Danube Careers Pvt. Ltd is a registered education company, mostly concentrated in advocating and facilitating study abroad placements for students who are looking for affordable and quality overseas education. Our promoters behind this venture are having more than two decades of expertise and alliance in the areas of foreign education and related fields.

Danube Careers thus helps you to benefit from our extensive network of partners, universities, colleges and other educational abodes from abroad. We believe in the diversified experience of education from around the globe and no doubt, it helps to mould an individual a priceless asset for the world s/he lives in. It is also clear that a qualification and the experience gained from overseas will help an individual thrive in a new environment and will open doors to a promising career at home and abroad alike.

We’re blessed with professionals and educationalists having more than two decades of blissful experience and expertise in the fortune of overseas education. Some of the promoters of Danube Careers also live abroad and this brings our work first hand, more accurate and transparent in coordinating activities for you. It is this feature of ours helps an aspirant to find the perfect undergraduate, graduate, or vocational program, and guide you through the entire process of choosing the right one. We’re meticulously focused, clear and committed. We bring you with accessible, reasonable, engaging and highly effective service to our domestic and international clients.

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To become a unique organization with high level of transparency and reliability in facilitating individuals to reinvent their future through education and experience and thereby forming integrated and inspiring individuals in the society


Values we cherish

Economic opportunity for all, transparency and reliability, Commitment and consistency, quality and integrity


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Migration Services

We assure ease on your journey towards settling in a country where you are welcomed

Networking and Partnership

We assure ease on your journey towards settling in a country where you are welcomed, your skills are recognized, your background is accepted. We have qualified migration agents and solicitors to assist you officially in this journey. We always work in line with the law of the land and immigration policies of the country one plans to settle down.

We believe that immigration to a different country is one of the most important events in someone’s life and it requires meticulous assistance. A lot of factors need to be clearly looked in to. It is often complicated and a customized care needs to be taken. We facilitate these services through our certified and licensed associates. The immigration process can be extremely complex, and at this time, professional advice may be needed to reach your goal.

There are mandatory requirements, countries rules and regulations are to be looked in to from time to time. Most immigration programs are point based and the eligibility report is an elaborate document that contains a personalised program. Immigration services can be branched into many categories and it can be changed during the application or after the application. Therefore keeping a client updated with latest changes is a challenge here. Danube Careers helps the client to overcome the possible hindrance during your migration journey.

Our experts and licensed solicitors will give you expert advice on permanent and temporary migration to countries Australia and Canada. The experts will assist you right from initial assessment to settlement in the chosen country and the packages of services suiting your individual circumstances and financial stability. Immigration and visa services are normally offered for those who are looking to study, work, do business or join their families in the chose country.

The information provided here should only be used as a guide. The information regarding migration depends upon the policies and regulations of a country and thus we would encourage you to contact us for a complete and thorough assessment of your situation and visa eligibility. Our goal is to reinvent your future by providing a reliable, efficient and success-driven process to applicants seeking study and resettlement opportunities in various parts of the world.


Today, students are multi talented and tasked. Many students do many things their own. Nevertheless, international studies and placements and attached services are still a herculean task for many capable students due to its updated nuances that occur sometimes overnight. That is how Danube Careers has developed effective and simple ways to help students and related bodies to ease this process right from choosing a country to post landing services for a student. The following information will enlighten the students and their guardians in understanding the number of services that are rendered to them.

For Students

The students and the parents can avail free services regarding selection courses, university and financial aid etc. Students get assistance in the following areas.

One-to-one counselling

The student or guardian is basically counselled for best services and at this stage counsellor at Danube knows what/where/when/how services are to be delivered. Getting appointment is the first step to know how it works.

Selection of a Country & a Program

Now a day student has N number of options before him. Internet gives the student sea of choices and the student gets perplexed with complexities attached to the selection. So a well trained education counsellor can help a student to choose a right country. Living expenses, social situation, scholarships, working opportunities, visa possibilities, crime rates and security are all considerable factors in the selection of a country. The counsellor at Danube helps the students to choose the best country for them based on the requirements and the academic and social situation of a particular student. Once the country has been selected, next hurdle is to select a right program. This is one of the crucial steps in the entire process of a student’s very purpose of study abroad as it will determine the future of their career and personal life even. Interest, tuition fees, duration, career opportunities, settlement etc are decisive factors here. A student is properly guided and this service is free of cost.

Admission and Application Process

Once the initial difficult steps are cleared, the next area is of admission and the related services. This is a one-to-one service and each student has been guided specifically. A dedicated consultant has been assigned till the student reached the destination as planned and expected.

Capacity Building

We help the students to fine tune their statements, motivation essays and admission formalities by training them for necessary skills, resources, knowledge and reasoning. Sometime we direct students to brush up their language skills so that the students perform or do their jobs competently or to a greater capacity. Mock interview and profile presentations are conducted for students who need facilitation.

Funding Assistance

Going abroad for studies in most cases is an expensive affair for many. We got several financial tools from our partners to help students to attend institutions in the event of social need and to alleviate financial hardship in order to fulfil the dreams of studying abroad. Our partners in this sector will help you find right financial solutions for education funding. You can find information, guides and application forms during your information call.

Scholarship Information

Find money for your education is the essence of scholarships. We connect you and provide the students with adequate information regarding scholarships and grants. It is not all scholarships and grants are awarded on the basis of merit or need but there is a wide variety of selection criteria. This can be anything from your parents’ jobs, to where you live. There are many programmes targeting established students. Please consult Danube for financial aid and you’ll find more opportunities.

Visa Documentation

Many students need visa to fly abroad and it takes time. So preparing the visa files and moving at right time gives the chance to fulfil the dreams basically. Wrong documentation leads to bad results. Due to the constant changes in the application process, students need assistance in completing the visa documentation process. Our team of experts will throw light on this area.

Travel Information

Danube career helps the students and guardians with suitable travel plans upon the visa approval. We also provide end to end services and we can also arrange flight tickets for the students at budget prices. These all needed planning and preparations. Our travel desk will help you in this.

Insurance and Foreign Exchange

This goes with the travel plan of student. It is essential that the medical and travel insurance should be completed before going to visa office. Countries have different rules and regulations in this criterion and therefore the students need to be advised on right package for their journey. At the same time they also need assistance in pointing best foreign currency prices and its legal acquisition. When students travel abroad they should have enough foreign currency in their hand in order to cater the needs in a different soil. Our travel desk facilitates you with this service.

Pre & Post Landing Assistance

This related to a pre departure briefing, airport pick and accommodation facilitation. One of the most difficult areas of settling in a country is constrains of finding a suitable place to stay. In order to help our students, we help our students to get the accommodation done at the affordable prices with all essentials.

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For Associates

In any business, association and associates are vital. They pay a pivotal role in the direction of a consulting industry. Trust, common action and transparency make any association with a common focus and right prospectus. The question is why you associate with Danube careers. We believe in mutual trust and co-working. In turn, this helps everyone in the network. Though our organization is new in its name, the captains behind this exertion are having more than two decades of educational and overseas experience. It is this confidence and expertise paves our way along with our spiritual trust in the Almighty. Below given a short list of services areas we share with our associates.

Exclusive Programs

Selling or promoting an exclusive program to a country like India is not ideally a one-man show. In order to reach out to pockets of Indian villages and town we need people from those regions. It is not about the program alone but is the team work also. Drops makes an ocean is the essence of working together. Benefits mutually or reciprocally shared with a principle of win: win ratio.

Sending Students to Several Countries

An independent agency, most of consultants are struggling to find grip in the market due to various constrains to give sufficient services to students and their parents. One of the easiest ways to solve this hurdle is to use somebody else’s service in confidence. Sharing and working with an industry expert allows an agency getting developed.

Working with Several Institutions

Now a day institutions are interested to work with a team rather than independently handling an agency. This saves money, energy, and time. Though there are many institutions working directly with individual agencies, some modern institutions are taking the services of consortiums. Danube invites agencies to join its existing consortium and share the benefits in a much broader manner. When an institution comes for spot admissions or road shows, the advantage can be shared across the network and the team brings in a win: win movement.

Sharing Highest Remuneration

In the education industry, remuneration part is complicated and it varies from region to regions and agency to agencies. By coordinating with high recruitment potential cities of India, the remuneration sharing becomes easier. Danube as facilitator agency shares highest rewards to its members while sharing available resources in confidence.

Supporting in Overseas Placements

Here, pre and post arrival assistance is very well recapped using a single source from us. Danube has all supporting system in all places they send students and a networking agency can use the same facilitation services without any extra effort and cost. Danube also has a network in arranging student jobs in some countries and it helps the networking partners to go confidently in placing students who like to earn extra income.

Bringing Value to Your Money

It is said that money cannot buy everything. This is true because we also create values and contribute to the society. At the same time, some kind of investment or spending is required during the process of recruiting a right student to right institution. Once a student is rightly placed in an institute, it uplifts the reputation and business values for the agency. Danube takes keen interest in preserving the values in the whole process of international student recruitment.

Resource Sharing

Normally resources are key sources of any business. But in a competitive world who will share it. Danube careers have a strategic and transparent policy of sharing the common resources for the betterment of service chosen in our consortium. This is completely based on trust and mutual recognition.

Please write to us on info@danubecareers.com for more information on joining our consortium.

For Institutions

We are an able partner for your organization as we have strong market knowledge and data base for students. Our promoters have more than two decades of experience in counselling students and bringing university promotions. Overseas education gets direct access and venues to students as quality of students that matters as far as an academic abode is concerned. We are occasionally conduct specific target oriented marketing campaigns and promotional activities among our associates and our consortium helps in reaching out to potential students and clients in a much faster way. Thus we provide proven student recruitment solutions to institutions with higher affordability.

Consortium of Agents

As an overseas education facilitator, we have number of like minded individuals and companies who work for a common goal. Thus the market knowledge, strategies, reach out programs are unique to us. This is a nationwide network and for an overseas educational institution can very well utilize these services in disseminating their programs.

Road Shows and Direct Promotions

This goes with branding of your institution. Our market reach and counselling expertise and local resources are culmination of years work and this will help an institution to go deeper to students with their latest courses. Our strategic publicity campaign promoting your institution and programs through our consortium is spectacular experience for you in reaching out to quality students. Spot admissions are even a call away.

Reach Out to Local Pockets

Mahatma Gandhi once said “The future of India lies in its villages”. Indian villages are still pure and a lot of intellectual property lies therein. Usually most of us concentrate in the urban areas and we will not cover outskirts. Danube has a special team who brings students from interior villages. Academically bright students from such pockets are assets for an institution.

Direct Access to Students

We always keep the students updated with latest trends in the education industry. Our road shows and marketing efforts are covering from grass root level and always we bring number of students under one roof. Thus an overseas institution can access our student communities in interacting with them directly.

Online Facilitation

Danube has all latest technology and systems that can be utilized for counselling a student remotely. A university representative can easily reach and interact with a student using our communication system. No matter it’s a Skype call, or software program that is designed to contact a student will be facilitated at our office hassle free. We have special labs for conducting direct interviews, eligibility test, online application etc.

Use of Market Research Data

We use extensive market studies and contacts to know the trends and growth educational programs. This is value based knowledge and expensive affair. But it helps an institution to know the latest trends in the local market and aid strategies that attract students. Institutions can even make customised programs that help building capacities and careers for a student.

Reach out to us and let us work together to foster our mission of educating the next generation.

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