European Career Opportunities Free Webinar from Austria Tech Institute

April 25, 2021 6:36 am

Join the conference and meet the expert from Europe

We are organizing a free webinar for Engineers, IT and science professionals who want to upgrade or switch their career during post-Covid period. Please note that this is not just the normal type of web conference discussing about scope and possibilities. Instead, this discussion is about our assured placement services in Europe for person who follow a career autopilot system our partner institute has developed for active job seekers. There is a dire need for skilled, innovative, and professional people for the industries in the Europe despite pandemic situation. Thus, we will explain about the offer of personalized pathways to every student and participant according to individual goals and thereby how individuals can switch their new career route in to emerging industry needs. In this context, we would like to present on how to increase the employability for graduates who wanted to find better career options in developed countries.

Webinar will be led by Dr.JavadZarbakhsh, a prominent industrial expert, an Austrian Delegate in European COST Actions, and the president of Cademix Institute of Technology, Vienna-Austria and co-hosted by Mr Joby Antoney, associate career advisor from Cademix, Vienna.

Who can participate: Fresh graduates, job seekers and professionals who have a bachelor degree in science, engineering and information technology, computer science and the related fields

Topic: Career Autopilot Variations

Time:April 26, 202106:30pm Delhi (IST)

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